I spend cold Sunday afternoons watching movies in my little apartment. I am partial to the ones that reflect the deeper meanings of life, open up my feelings, and connect to my soul.

My music may not encourage line-dancing or driving trucks, but it will connect with the deeper emotions we all feel facing life’s struggles and challenges. Things like trying to make a living and survive. Knowing that what you love will cause you the most misery. That the simple things are the best, everything that lives will eventually die, and the dying is necessary for the living.

The Modern Day Outlaw isn’t comfortable in a box and will bend the rules of the modern world. He doesn’t want wealth or stature, but freedom, understanding, and peace. He’s tired of being put in a cage or a category or any situation that insults the soul or stifles the growth of spirit.

The songs and the stories behind them came from my journals, my personal experiences, and struggles.

They can be likened to the work of Johnny Cash, Jason Isbell, Jamey Johnson and Chris Stapleton.

It is my hope that this music can partner with another’s story, through licensing, to be part of something that creates the conduit that connects us all.

All songs will be available for upload (mp3 or wav files) and hard copy. All songs have been mastered. All songs will be available in instrumental form (no vocal tracks).

All copyrights and publishing are owned by Tim Ruffo with the exception of “My Own Thing” written by Chad J. Dean (Dad Chean Music-ASCAP)