Love and Misery

Written by: Tim Ruffo


The Outlaw Torn. Sometimes the things you love can bring the most misery.


Tim Ruffo: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Bob Niederriter: Bass
Mario Torrico: Electric guitar
Chad J. Dean: Drums


Rain on the road, wet leaves, fall and cold, torn and tattered, broken down and all alone.
It’s all right this pain I’m in, it’ll go away. I’m sure it come back again.
But I see it’s here now, can’t get around it. I don’t know how.
So I’m letting it be, sitting here with me.
I’ll take the pain if it’ll set me free.
I’m an outlaw torn, what the hell’s wrong with me?
Reckless abandon. Love and misery. Love and misery.
I’m an outlaw torn, is something wrong with me?
Love and misery. Love and misery.
Trying to stitch the pieces back together, nothing seems to fit, they’re all out of place.
Leave it alone, get over it. Put a smile upon my face.
I’m an outlaw torn, careless and free, reckless abandon, love and misery.
Love and misery. Love and misery. Love and misery