Told Ya

Written by: Tim Ruffo, rap lyrical contribution by Nick Ruffo


Sorting through the many voices trying to show the way.


Tim Ruffo: Vocals and acoustic guitar
Nick Ruffo: Vocals
Michael Wu: Bass
Dave Robbins: Keyboards
Chad J. Dean: Drums


You better listen or you won’t know what to do.
Teacher told you ‘bout the rules.
Friends taught ya how to get away and not get caught.
Parents told ya, better make up your mind.
Gotta get moving, you’re running out of time.
Boss man told ya, better not be late.
Preacher said you get to church, kneel down and pray.

So many voice, so much to say. Hard to know what to believe.
The voices in your head, the longing in your heart.
Might be the best place to start.
Told ya. Told ya.

Where have I been the last 20 years? Noodling around, doing nothing with my piers?
The elders told me “better get focused”. In one ear out the other didn’t notice.
Then it all hit me like an avalanche, I gotta get cooking while I have the chance.
It’s all about balance but I’ve been too lax.
Complacency, it can end you fast.
Yeah, you can settle with average, do enough each day to manage.
All the way to the end and then it hits you in the face with regret, no bandage.
Health class said the drugs were harming.
Read a couple quotes by Vince Lombardi.
That’ll get ya high and not just early, it’ll tag along ‘til the end of the journey.
Told ya. Told ya.